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ChatCast 56: Rodman Flender on ‘Eat Brains Love’

February 18, 2020

Rodman Flender knows what's what. His career has spanned nearly every genre, as well as various formats. He brings a treasure chest of knowledge to this conversation while he's out promoting his new comedy-horror experience, "Eat Brains Love." We have a good ol' time in our favorite projection booth in our favorite movie theater on the planet - the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, Virginia.

We begin at the beginning, with Flender's forrays as a projectionist and the lost art form he deeply respects. We discuss how technology is changing the landscape of cinema. No doom and gloom here. We have a long conversation about his documentary "Conan O'Brien Can't Stop," and we close it out on the delightful blend of laughs and bloodshed discovered within "Eat Brains Love."

Flender's film is now available to download on iTunes, and you can track him down on Instagram at rodman_f. Be sure to follow the podcast on Instagram and Twitter @ITMODCast, and you can follow the host @MouthDork