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ChatCast 55: Joe Begos, Stephen Lang, William Sadler, & Martin Kove on ‘VFW’

February 15, 2020

We got the whole "VFW" gang on the show today! Last year at Fantastic Fest, we spoke with director Joe Begos as well as stars Stephen Lang, William Sadler, & Martin Kove about the gnarly, hellbent for leather, gory ass action film, and got the scoop on how the hell they shot it in under 20 days. For those missing the low-fi badassery of early John Carpenter flicks, this is the movie you've been waiting to see. We are massive fans of the film and encourage all of our listeners to seek it out. After this conversation, you'll be running to the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, Virginia, to take it all in on February 20th. It's a film you need to see with a crowd if possible.

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