The itmodchatcast’s Podcast

ChatCast 53: ChatClub Session One

February 11, 2020

A new monthly series in collaboration with the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, Virginia!! The ITMOD ChatClub Session One is an in-depth conversation focusing on four recent Alamo screenings featuring the thoughts and opinions of Alamo patrons! Each month we invite ALL to join us up in the projection booth to partake in the chatter.

This month, we discuss the recent Best Picture winner "Parasite," Pedro Almodovar's brilliant "Pain and Glory," the Still Awesome "Amélie," and the entire "IP Man" franchise. We offer a warm, loving environment where you can share your passion (or lack thereof) for these films, and spread that enthusiasm to others via the podcast.

If you missed out on the conversation this month, don't worry! You can join us next month on 3/9 to discuss this month's amazing #DenzelWatchington marathon. Be sure to keep up to date on all things Alamo Winchester by following them on Twitter @alamowinchester, or you can follow the Alamo Winchester Film Club on Facebook.

Don't forget to follow the podcast on Instagram & Twitter @ITMODCast, and you can follow the hosts @MouthDork & @sidewalksiren. You can follow Alamo Winchester programmer Andy Gyurisin on Twitter @Cinemabandwagon, and at filmclubandy on Instagram.