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ChatCast 52: Jack Henry Robbins, Tim Robbins, & Kerri Kenney on ‘VHYes’

February 3, 2020

'VHYes' is an incredible celebration of yesterday's pop culture. Director Jack Henry Robbins cobbles everything wonderful and awful about the VHS era and splatters it upon the screen in a film that is one-part 'Kentucky Fried Movie,' two-parts 'Twilight Zone.' This week we return to our Fantastic Fest conversations to bring you a chat with Jack as well as his producer/guest-star Tim Robbins, co-star Kerri Kenney, and the two young leads Mason McNulty and Rahm Braslaw. Trust us, gang, you do not want to miss this wild chat. A definite highlight from our ITMODChatCast episodes.

'VHYes' is currently playing in select theaters. Find where by clicking HERE.

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