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ChatCast 49: Matthew Modine on ‘Full Metal Modine Weekend’

January 2, 2020

Are you ready for the most epic episode of the ITMODChatCast, yet? NO! You are not!! The time has finally come for FULL METAL MODINE WEEKEND!!! In November, the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, Virginia continued their 10th Anniversary Celebration with a massive 9-film Matthew Modine retrospective, and to everyone's amazement, the actor joined in on the festivities. Not only did Mr. Modine sit down with us to chat up his various films, but he also took the opportunity to drop some serious knowledge. On top of that, we invited Full Metal Modine sweepstakes winners Scott & Ida to explain their Modine fandom and why they flew halfway across the country to participate in this insane event. Finally, we close out the episode on a conversation with friend-of-the-podcast Shawn Decker discussing the significance of the Full Metal Modine weekend screening of HBO's "And The Band Played On."

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