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ChatCast 34: Clay McLeod Chapman on ‘The Remaking’

September 3, 2019

From the moment we met Clay McLeod Chapman at the Chatanooga Film Festival, we knew we wanted to have him guest on the show. The man is a master storyteller cracking his way through every medium imaginable: books, children's literature, comics, podcasts, and film. We are in awe of his talent, and we're desperate to make him our new BFF. We spoke to Chapman the week after his "Absolute Carnage" spin-off comic "Separation Anxiety" hit the stands, and we dive deep into his new horror novel "The Remaking" due out on October 8th from Quirk Books. Chapman wears his influences on his sleeve, and he's all-too-happy to discuss them while we fawn at his feet. 

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